What is this about?

Mokum is a small-scale social network. On this page we illustrate how Mokum database is represented using the Minimal Modeling approach.

Here we see three sections: SQL schema, Catalog, and Narratives. Catalog describes Mokum database model via anchors, attributes and links. Narratives explain particular business or engineering decisions underlying the database structure.

This is work in progress.

Minimal Modeling: **https://minimalmodeling.com/**

Mokum SQL schema


Mokum anchors DB

Mokum attributes DB

Mokum links DB

Mokum secondary data DB

Mokum database schema visualized

Crash course on Minimal Modeling

First, the Big Three:

Anchor: a noun, a synonym for “entity”. Anchors do not store any data, only IDs. For example, User.

Attribute: the data is stored here. For example, “what is User’s date of birth?”.